ScreenForce Invisiglass Ultra Anti-Micro


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Strong protection from every angle
InvisiGlass Ultra Anti-Microbial Screen Protector was designed to provide ultra-tough protection for iPhone, while adding an extra anti-microbial layer to prevent germ growth. This screen protector delivers ultimate durability and resilience paired with the highest possible scratch resistance rating. An anti-microbial coating inhibits 99% of bacterial growth on your screen, without sacrificing touchscreen response or clarity. Intelligent glass composition preserves touchscreen functionality, while a barely-there thickness of just 0.29mm ensures crystal clear viewing on your screen.

Anti-Microbial Coating
Everywhere we go, our phones collect germs and bacteria from our fingers, pockets, purses, or car seats. An extra coating on our InvisiGlass Ultra Anti-Microbial Screen Protector inhibits 99% of bacterial growth on your screen, giving you more peace of mind.

Ultra-impact protection
Despite keeping a slim profile, InvisiGlass Ultra was engineered and built for absorbing hard impacts. The numbers speak for themselves. When tested under the same conditions, InvisiGlass Ultra performed to 40% stronger than tempered glass screen protectors.

Ion-exchange strengthened
Heating premium glass to 400 degrees Celsius allows the liquid form to be manipulated on a molecular level. Small sodium ions are switched out for larger potassium ions which are then packed tightly into the same space. The denser molecular structure makes the glass stronger.

Top of the line scratch guard
Maintain your screen’s pristine appearance. Tested to the highest possible hardness rating, InvisiGlass Ultra protects your phone against keys, coins, and repels dirt and fingerprints.

Ultra slim
At just 0.29mm in thickness, InvisiGlass Ultra packs multi-layer protection into a barely-there piece of glass, while maintaining flawless touchscreen response with every movement.

Visible clarity
We test our screen protectors to the highest optometric standards to deliver the brightness, sharpness, and detail you expect from your phone screen. The result is a crystal-clear protective layer that provides the same visual experience as the device itself.


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Partnr F8W942ZZ-AM
EAN code 0745883821877
Garantie (in maanden) 24 maanden
Type schermbeschermer Clear screen protector
Merkcompatibiliteit Apple
Compatibiliteit iPhone 11, iPhone XR
Veiligheidsfunties Anti-bacterial
Kleur van het product Transparent
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Dikte 0.29 mm
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Aantal per verpakking 1 stuk(s)
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