Screen Cleaning Kit small Pro

The Eminent EM5665 Screen Cleaning Kit is for cleaning all types of screens. This kit is suitable for cleaning computer monitors and television screens, including plasma, TFT, LCD and CRT. With the antistatic brush, the cleaning spray and the triangular Cleaner you can clean your valuable screens in a thorough, quick and easy way.

Complete kit for cleaning your screens
The Eminent EM5665 Screen Cleaning Kit contains products to remove fingerprints, dust, dirt and stains from your screens. First use the antistatic brush to the dust-free display. Then you spray the cleaning spray on the Cleaner. The included bottle contains 30cc specially formulated cleaning fluid for all types of screens and is SGS-certified. With the triangle Cleaner you can easily spread the cleaning fluid over your screen. The Cleaner can easily get into all the corners of your screen. The Cleaner has a soft microfiber cloth, which ensures that your screen will not be scratched during the cleaning.


Product id 288674
Merk Eminent
Partnr EM5665
EAN code 8716065247268
Producttype Equipment cleansing wet & dry cloths
Correct gebruik LCD/TFT/Plasma