ASUS VivoWatch 5 ASTA

Your well-being, on your wrist
ASUS VivoWatch 5 is the smart, wearable health tracker that puts a window on your well-being right in front of you. With 24/7 health and fitness monitoring and insights available with just a flick of your wrist, it helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve fitness goals. Together with the ASUS HealthConnect app, you can track blood pressure, heart rate, blood-oxygen (SpO2) levels, exercise, sleep and a variety of other health categories in an intuitive and easy way. Exclusive ASUS HealthAI technology then provides personalized health-management tips based on health measurements, manual recordings and personal habits.

With its stylish and durable construction, battery that lasts for up to 14 days between charges, and swim-friendly design, VivoWatch 5 is the 24/7 health companion that goes anywhere. It accepts standard watch bands and features a variety of screen presets, giving you a powerful health companion that reflects your individual style.

Day and night health tracking

Track your exercise heart rate and pulse-transit time (PTT)
VivoWatch 5 is engineered with both electricalgraphy (ECG) and photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, so it's able to calculate your body's pulse-transit time (PTT) and measure your heart rate, sleep, activity and stress levels throughout the day – providing essential insights that help you keep your health in check.

Monitor your blood oxygen
Your blood-oxygen saturation, or SpO2, is an important marker of your overall body health. VivoWatch 5 has sensors that are able to calculate your oxygen saturation levels, giving you an insight into how your body is responding to exercise or other outside influences – so you can better understand how well you're coping with everyday life.

Analyze your sleep quality, automatically
VivoWatch 5 even tracks your health while you rest, measuring both the duration and quality of your slumber to provide insights to help you achieve the best night's sleep. Your heart rate is monitored continuously, so VivoWatch 5 is smart enough to know when you are winding down – and will begin tracking your sleep automatically, when the time is right. Then, as you sleep, the pulse-oxygen and heart-rate sensors determine the depth and quality of your rest. Even your movements throughout the night are tracked, with each toss and turn recorded, providing an additional indicator of sleep quality.

Maximum understanding for minimum stress
VivoWatch is packed with stress-management functions – more than any other competing wearable, in fact. Keeping a close eye on these will shine a light on how you're dealing with stress, and help you manage your everyday mental and emotional well-being.

Get help when you need it
VivoWatch 5 has a built-in message-sending function to help when needed. Once you've set up the feature through the ASUS HealthConnect app, adding information about who to contact, an extended press of the VivoWatch 5 button will trigger the sending of a message that contains both your current location and real-time health data.
Note: Please ensure VivoWatch 5 is connected to your mobile phone to use this function.

Keeping your cool? No sweat!
Knowing your skin temperature helps you understand how well your body is coping with different activities and environmental factors. VivoWatch 5 tracks your skin temperature 24/7, so you can see what makes you sweat – and how best to keep your cool.

Fitness tracking

Tracking that you're on track
With its built-in GPS and altimeter, VivoWatch 5 helps you to track every step of your workout – indoors or out. View activity maps and stats such as speed, distance, cadence, pacing, altitude and duration.

Every activity, tracked
Floor climbing: See how many levels you've ascended and descended throughout the day.

Fitness fun – rain, shine or swim
VivoWatch 5 is fit for all types of exercise and hardy enough to endure everyday conditions, with excellent water resistance – so wear it while you swim in the pool or run in rain!

Your 24/7 smart assistant

One app. Your whole well-being.
ASUS HealthConnect is the companion app for VivoWatch 5. Engineered with ASUS HealthAI technology, it employs an exclusive algorithm to automatically analyze all the data gathered by VivoWatch 5. It uses this wealth of information to provide you with personalized advice based on the latest research and guidance from leading medical experts, including daily step targets and sleep goals. It even tracks your progress towards these goals, so you can easily make small lifestyle changes that can add up to big results.

HealthConnect is available for both iOS and Android, and works seamlessly with VivoWatch 5.

Simple sharing for better understanding
The ASUS HealthConnect app makes it easy to share selected health data with your family, doctor or anyone you choose, securely and effortlessly. This long-term information, including blood-pressure data, may offer additional insights over individual measurements taken at a clinic, for example.

See and feel notifications
VivoWatch 5 can be configured to deliver visual and vibration notifications, so you know when there's a message or call without taking your phone out of your pocket or bag. It can also display a second time zone, so it's easy to keep track of the clock as you travel.

Unlock doors, with your wrist!
With built-in NFC technology, you can use VivoWatch 5 to unlock smart doors or interact with other NFC-enabled equipment.

A fortnight of fitness
VivoWatch 5 employs a unique AI-based algorithm to maximize its battery life, carefully balancing power consumption and performance to deliver up to 14 days of normal use from a single charge! With a fortnight's energy on your wrist, VivoWatch really is the 24/7 companion – always there to help guide you to better health.

Stylish and convenient

Strapped for panache
VivoWatch 5 has a universal design that accepts standard quick-release watch bands, so it's easy to change straps to match your personal style or to fit any occasion.

Watch faces, your way
In addition to a diverse selection of preset watch faces, VivoWatch lets you use your own photos for a custom look – so it's easy to create a watch with a style that's uniquely yours.


Product id 876763
Brand AsusTek
Partnr 90HC00I1-MWP0E0
EAN/UPC code 4711081453772
Warranty (months) 36 months
Display type Digital
Display resolution 320 x 320 Pixels
Touchscreen Y
Display diagonal 1.34 inch
Colour display Y
Display technology LCD
Built-in microphone N
Built-in speaker(s) N
Built-in camera N
FM radio N
Mobile operating systems supported Android, iOS
Market positioning Smartwatch
Band colour Black, Orange
Band material Leather, Silicone
Shape Round
Removable strap Y
Water resistance 5 ATM
Heart rate monitor Y
Heart rate contact sensors Y
Heart rate sensor type Electrical
Heart rate measuring Automatic
Distance travelled Y
Blood pressure monitor Y
Blood oxygen sensor Y
Calories burned Y
Gyroscope Y
Activity tracker Y
Multisport mode Y
Quality of sleep Y
Personal goals Y
Timer Y
SOS alert function Y
Skin temperature sensor Y
Stress monitoring function Y
Clock mode 12h/24h
Altimeter Y
Smartwatch dedicated buttons SOS
Mobile network connection N
GPS (satellite) Y
Ports & interfaces
USB port Y
Wi-Fi N
Bluetooth version 4.2
Near Field Communication (NFC) N
Headphone connectivity Bluetooth
Battery capacity 300 mAh
Battery life (max) 336 uur
Weight & dimensions
Width 53.5 mm
Depth 47 mm
Thickness 13.5 mm
Weight 65 g
Packaging content
Cables included Micro-USB
Manual Y
Warranty card Y
Logistics data
Harmonized System (HS) code 91021200