DB25F to DB25F gender changer


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In a modern data center environment, there are many types of equipment with different requirements in terms of shape and size of the RS-232 console ports. The most typical examples are traditional 25 pin RS-232 (DB-25), 9 pin RS-232 (DB-9) and RS-232 on RJ-45 connectors as used by Cyclades, Sun, Cisco and other vendors. In order to address this requirement, Cyclades offers a comprehensive range of cables and adapters to allow the connection of any type of equipment to their range of Console Servers. All of Cyclades' cables and adapters are compatible with RJ-45 wiring installations as used in data centers today and are designed to fit the standard console ports of servers, network equipment, modems and infrastructure equipment such as HVAC and UPS.


Product id 224239
Brand Avocent
Partnr CON0092
EAN/UPC code 636430032542
Ports & interfaces
Connector 1 DB25
Connector 2 DB25
Gender type female/female