LTO-6 Tape Cartridge 1-Pack - Kit


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The Tape Media Labels from Dellâ„¢ take complete care of your label-handling needs. The pack includes labels, numbered from . These labels are specifically designed for use with the Tape Media.


Product id 688836
Brand Dell
Partnr 440-12078
EAN/UPC code 5397184457467
Tape type LTO
Product colour Black
Compatible products PowerEdge 1950 PowerEdge 2970 PowerEdge C6105 PowerEdge C6145 PowerEdge M420 PowerEdge M520 PowerEdge M605 PowerEdge M610 PowerEdge M610x PowerEdge M620 PowerEdge M710HD PowerEdge M805 PowerEdge M820 PowerEdge M905 PowerEdge M910 PowerEdge R200 PowerEdge R210 PowerEdge R210 II PowerEdge R220 PowerEdge R300 PowerEdge R310 PowerEdge R320 PowerEdge R410 PowerEdge R415 PowerEdge R420 PowerEdge R430 PowerEdge R510 PowerEdge R515 PowerEdge R520 PowerEdge R610 PowerEdge R620 PowerEdge R710 PowerEdge R715 PowerEdge R720 PowerEdge R720XD PowerEdge R805 PowerEdge R810 PowerEdge R815 PowerEdge R820 PowerEdge R900 PowerEdge R905 PowerEdge R910 PowerEdge R920 PowerEdge T100 PowerEdge T105 PowerEdge T110 PowerEdge T110 II PowerEdge T300 PowerEdge T310 PowerEdge T320 PowerEdge T410 PowerEdge T420 PowerEdge T430 PowerEdge T605 PowerEdge T610 PowerEdge T620 PowerEdge T710 PowerEdge VRTX PowerVault DL2000 PowerVault DL2100 PowerVault DL2200 PowerVault DL2300 PowerVault DL4000 PowerVault DR4100 PowerVault MD1120 PowerVault MD3000i PowerVault NX200 PowerVault TL2000 PowerVault TL4000