Airpressure 220 ml Pro

The eminent EM5600 air Duster is a powerful air spray which removes effectively dust and loose dirt from keyboards, printers and other electronic equipment. The Air Duster cleans both large surfaces and in the small corners. By removing the dirt from your keyboard and between de keys, you will not only work more pleasant but you also extend the product life. Same of your other valuable electronics.

Accurate and hard to reach places cleaning
For cleaning detailed and precise work, the Air Duster EM5600 comes with a handy extension tube. Because not all sites as easily accessible, the Air Duster can also be used upside-down.

Ideal for cleaning electronic equipment, such as computers, keyboards, printers, radio s, televisions, video recorders, copiers, office equipment, camera' s, films, sewing machines.

When using the EM5600 Air Duster remember to turn off your electronic devices and wait until the gas has evaporated before you turn on the device.


Product id 711237
Brand Eminent
Partnr EM5600
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Product type Equipment cleansing air pressure cleaner
Proper use hard-to-reach places