Premium Glossy Photo Paper (250) 16in x30.5m


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Highest color gamut available for vivid color reproduction, RC paper base for actual photo prints, Glossy surface, Enhanced 2880 dpi printing for the highest quality output, Dries instantly for easy handling with Epson inks, Compatible with Epson dye, Epson ColorFast(tm) and Epson UltraChrome(tm) inks, 260g/m² for a durable photographic feel


Product id 137536
Brand Epson
Partnr C13S041742
EAN/UPC code 010343848580
Product colour White
Finish type Gloss
Media weight 260 g/m²
Roll length 30.5 m
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Weight & dimensions
Roll width 406.4 mm
Packaging data
Quantity per pack 1 stuk(s)
Package width 175 mm
Package depth 465 mm
Package height 165 mm
Package weight 5140 g
Quantity per pallet 64 stuk(s)
Logistics data
Pallet width (UK) 1000 mm
Pallet length (UK) 1200 mm
Pallet height (UK) 1480 mm
Pallet width 800 mm
Pallet length 1200 mm
Pallet height 1480 mm
Quantity per pallet (UK) 96 stuk(s)
Quantity per pallet layer 16 stuk(s)
Quantity per pallet layer (UK) 24 stuk(s)
Master (outer) case width 363 mm
Master (outer) case length 493 mm
Master (outer) case height 370 mm
Master (outer) case weight 14.6 g
Quantity per master (outer) case 4 stuk(s)
Other features
Country of origin Japan