Paper/Proofing Semimatte White A3+ 100sh


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A Resin Coated based media with a surface colour, look and feel very similar to commercial priniting paper. Instant drying and Excellent colour reproduction ensure a multiltude of uses for this media.


Product id 206428
Brand Epson
Partnr C13S042118
EAN/UPC code 010343862845
Printing media thickness 250 ┬Ám
Finish type Semi-matte
Country of origin Germany
Weight & dimensions
Dimensions (WxDxH) 350 x 510 x 40 mm
Weight 4170 g
Packaging data
Quantity per pack 1 stuk(s)
Package weight 4470 g
Package width 340 mm
Package depth 490 mm
Package height 35 mm
Technical details
Media size (1 slide) A3+
Harmonized System (HS) code 84439990
Media sheets per package 100 vel
Logistics data
Pallet height (UK) 960 mm
Pallet width (UK) 1000 mm
Pallet length (UK) 1200 mm
Quantity per pallet (UK) 120 stuk(s)
Quantity per pallet layer (UK) 20 stuk(s)
Quantity per pallet layer 16 stuk(s)
Quantity per master (outer) case 4 stuk(s)
Pallet height 960 mm
Pallet width 800 mm
Pallet length 1200 mm
Master (outer) case height 160 mm
Master (outer) case width 360 mm
Master (outer) case length 510 mm
Other features
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Recommended usage Inkjet printing
Quantity per pallet 96 stuk(s)
Product colour White
Paper size A3+ (330x483 mm)
Sheets per pack 100 vel
Coloured paper N