OS IoT 2019 LTSC RP9 G1 Value


Hewlett Packard
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Specialized systems, such as PCs that control medical equipment, point-of-sale systems, and ATMs, often require a longer servicing option because of their purpose. These devices typically perform a single important task and don’t need feature updates as frequently as other devices in the organization. For these fixed-purpose devices, the long-term servicing channel is recommend, since it’s more important that these devices be kept as stable and secure as possible than that they be up to date with UI changes. The LTSC servicing model prevents Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC devices from receiving the usual feature updates and provides only quality updates to ensure that device security stays up to date. With this in mind, quality updates are still immediately available to Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC clients, but customers can choose to defer them by using a servicing tool.


Product id 666416
Brand Hewlett Packard
Partnr 6RA51AAE
EAN/UPC code 193808715723
License quantity 1 licentie(s)
Software type Electronic Software Download (ESD)
Compatibility RP9 G1
Windows operating systems supported Windows 10 IoT Enterprise