LCD 8500 1U Console RU Kit


Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Need the latest in KVM technology to manage the servers in your rack?

HP KVM Console Kits provide ultra-dense, high-performance KVM consoles that combine both the rack display panel and keyboard with touch pad in a 1U form factor. The 1U rackmount form factor allows for a KVM console switch to be mounted directly behind it. The HP LCD8500 1U Rackmount Console Kit with 18.5-inch WXGA TFT LCD brightview display supports most common video resolutions, up to 1600 x 1200 at 60 to 75 Hz refresh rates.

The LCD8500 1U Rackmount Console Kit features a new silver enclosure making identification in the rack much easier. The rackmount keyboard includes a three-button touch pad with four (4) scroll keys and Windows shortcut keys. The LCD8500 1U Rackmount Console Kit also includes a new Lid Switch display management feature that shuts off the display backlight when the console is closed and repowers to its current state when opened again, helping to prolong the life of the display panel.


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