4GB 1600MHz SODIMM Single Rank for Generic Memory Upgrades, oem partnr. : N/A


Kingston Technology
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Kingston Technology offers extremely reliable, high-performance notebook memory. Every module is customised and tested to meet the exact specification requirements of each system. Kingston memory can increase the processing power of your notebook. It’s guaranteed to be compatible and offers a great cost-performance benefit plus better multitasking, faster processing of multimedia files and smoother video streaming. For added peace of mind, Kingston memory is backed by a lifetime warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability.

- Expertise - From the industry leader in PC memory
- Superior quality and testing - All components are qualified and all modules are tested at all stages of production.
- Guaranteed compatibility - Kingston memory is guaranteed to be compatible with the system for which it’s designed.
- Lifetime warranty and free technical support
- Kingston system-specific memory for Acer, Apple (iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro), Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Medion, NEC, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba notebooks (please make sure to always check the system and memory compatibility).


Product id 535315
Brand Kingston Technology
Partnr KCP316SS8/4
EAN/UPC code 740617253702
Warranty (months) Lifetime
Internal memory 4 GB
Internal memory type DDR3
Memory layout (modules x size) 1 x 4 GB
Registered N
Memory bus 64 Bit
Module configuration 512M x 64
Unbuffered memory Y
Package type SO-DIMM
Memory type PC-12800
Replacement for MD633G/A (2x4GB) (Apple); B4U39AA (HP/Compaq); B4U39AT (HP/Compaq); 0A65723 (Lenovo)
Weight & dimensions
Width 67.6 mm
Height 30 mm
Memory clock speed 1600 MHz
Component for Notebook
Memory form factor 204-pin SO-DIMM
CAS latency 11
Memory ranking 1
Memory voltage 1.5 V
Product colour Green
Lead plating Gold
Windows operating systems supported Y
Linux operating systems supported Y
Compatible products Acer: Aspire E1-421 Series, Aspire E1-431 Series, Aspire E1-451 Series, Aspire E1-471 Series, Aspire E1-5x1 Series, Aspire E1-7x1 Series, Aspire M3 Series M3-xxx, Aspire M5 Series M5-xxx, Aspire R7 Series R7-571, Aspire U Series A5600U-xxx, Aspire U Series A7600U-xxx, Aspire V3 Series V3-471/G-xxx, Aspire V3 Series V3-551/G-xxx, Aspire V3 Series V3-571/G-xxx, Aspire V3 Series V3-731G-xxx, Aspire V3 Series V3-771G-xxx, Aspire V5 Series V5-131/171-xxx, Aspire V5 Series V5-431/471xxx, Aspire V5 Series V5-472/552/572, Aspire V5 Series V5-531/571-xxx, Aspire V5 Series V5-531P/571P-xxx, Aspire V5 Series V5-551, Aspire Z Series AZS600-xxx, Aspire ZC Series ZC-602, Revo RL80-xxx, TravelMate B Series TMB113-E-xxx, TravelMate B Series TMB113-M-xxx, TravelMate B1 Series TMB1xx-E-xxx, TravelMate B1 Series TMB1xx-M-xxx, TravelMate P Series TMP253M-xxxx, TravelMate P2 Series TMP243-M-xxx, TravelMate P243-M, TravelMate P253-M, TravelMate P6 Series TMP633-M-xxx, TravelMate P6 Series TMP643-M-xxx, TravelMate P6 Series TMP653-M-xxx, TravelMate P6 Series TMP6xx-V-xxx, TravelMate P643-M, TravelMate P643-V, TravelMate P653-M, TravelMate P653-V, Veriton 2 Series N2120G-xxx, Veriton L Series VL4620G-xxx, Veriton L4618G Series VL4618G-xxx, Veriton N Series VN2620G-xxx, Veriton N Series VN4620G-xxx, Veriton Z Series VZ2610G-xxx, Veriton Z Series VZ2650G-xxx, Veriton Z Series VZ4620G-xxx, Veriton Z4810G; Apple: iMac 27-inch (Late 2012) Core i5/i7, Mac mini Core i5 2.3/2.5 (Mid 2011), Mac mini Core i5/i7 (Late 2012), Mac mini Core i7 2.0/2.7 (Mid 2011), Mac mini Server Core i7 (Late 2012), Mac mini Server Core i7 2.0/2.7 (Mid 2011), MacBook Pro 13-inch and 15-inch (Mid 2012); Dell: Inspiron 14 (3421), Inspiron 14R (5420), Inspiron 14R (5421), Inspiron 14R (7420), Inspiron 14z (5423), Inspiron 15 (1513), Inspiron 15 (3520), Inspiron 15 (3521), Inspiron 15 (N5050), Inspiron 15R (5520), Inspiron 15R (SE 7520), Inspiron 15z (5523), Inspiron 17R (3721), Inspiron 17R (5720), Inspiron 17R (5721), Inspiron 17R (7720), Inspiron 17R (N7110), Inspiron 20 (3045), Inspiron 20 (3048), Inspiron 24 (5459), Inspiron One 2020, Inspiron One 2330, Latitude 3300, Latitude 3330, Latitude 5420, Latitude 5520, Latitude 6430u, Latitude E5420, Latitude E5430, Latitude E5520, Latitude E5530, Latitude E6220, Latitude E6230, Latitude E6330, Latitude E6420, Latitude E6420 ATG, Latitude E6420 XFR, Latitude E6430 ATG, Latitude E6430s, Latitude E6520, Latitude E6530, Optiplex 3011 AIO, Precision Mobile Workstation M4600, Precision Mobile Workstation M4700, Precision Mobile Workstation M6600, Precision Mobile Workstation M6700, Vostro 2420, Vostro 2421, Vostro 2520, Vostro 3360, Vostro 3460, Vostro 3560, Vostro 5460, XPS 15 (1521), XPS 27 All-in-One, XPS L521X, XPS One 27 (2710); Fujitsu: CELSIUS H720, CELSIUS H920, ESPRIMO K554/G, ESPRIMO Q520, ESPRIMO Q920, ESPRIMO X913-T, ESPRIMO X923-T (D3334), LIFEBOOK A512, LIFEBOOK A532, LIFEBOOK A552/F, LIFEBOOK A553/G, LIFEBOOK A572/F, LIFEBOOK A573/G, LIFEBOOK AH42/H, LIFEBOOK AH50/HN, LIFEBOOK AH512, LIFEBOOK AH532, LIFEBOOK AH54/H, LIFEBOOK AH55/H, LIFEBOOK AH552/SL, LIFEBOOK AH56/H, LIFEBOOK AH76/HN, LIFEBOOK AH77/H, LIFEBOOK AH77/HN, LIFEBOOK AH78/HA, LIFEBOOK E733, LIFEBOOK E743, LIFEBOOK E752, LIFEBOOK E753, LIFEBOOK E782, LIFEBOOK N532, LIFEBOOK NH532, LIFEBOOK P702, LIFEBOOK P772, LIFEBOOK S752, LIFEBOOK S762, LIFEBOOK S782, LIFEBOOK S792, LIFEBOOK SH54/H, LIFEBOOK SH54/HN, LIFEBOOK SH572, LIFEBOOK SH76/H, LIFEBOOK SH76/HN, LIFEBOOK SH772, LIFEBOOK SH782, LIFEBOOK T732, LIFEBOOK T902, LIFEBOOK U772 Ultrabook, LIFEBOOK UH552, LIFEBOOK UH572, LIFEBOOK X913; Gateway: ID Notebook ID57H, NE Notebook NE46R07m, NE Notebook NE52204u, NE Notebook NE56R08h, NE Notebook NE56R10u, NE Notebook NE56R11u, NE Notebook NE56R12u, NE Notebook NE56R13u, NE Notebook NE56R15u, NE Notebook NE56R16u, NE Notebook NE56R27u, NE Notebook NE56R31u, NE Notebook NE56R34u, NE Notebook NE56R35u, NE Notebook NE56R37u, NE Notebook NE56R41u, NE Notebook NE56R42u, NE Notebook NE56R43u, NE Notebook NE56R45u, NE Notebook NE56R47u, NE Notebook NE56R50u, NE Notebook NE56R52u, NE Notebook NE57004u, NE Notebook NE57005u, NE Notebook NE57006u, NE Notebook NE72206u, NE Notebook NE72207u, NV Notebook NV52L06u, NV Notebook NV52L08u, NV Notebook NV52L15u, NV Notebook NV52L23u, NV Notebook NV56R06u, NV Notebook NV56R10u, NV Notebook NV56R14u, NV Notebook NV56R38u, NV Notebook NV570P04u, NV Notebook NV570P07u, NV Notebook NV570P08u, NV Notebook NV570P09u, NV Notebook NV570P10u, NV Notebook NV570P11u, NV Notebook NV570P13u, NV Notebook NV570P17u, NV Notebook NV570P18u, NV Notebook NV570P20u, NV Notebook NV76R02h, NV Notebook NV76R43u, NV Notebook NV76R44u, NV Notebook NV76R45u, NV Notebook NV76R47u, ZX Desktop ZX6971-UB30P, ZX Desktop ZX6971-UB31P, ZX Desktop ZX6971-UR30P, ZX Desktop ZX6971-UR31P, ZX Desktop ZX6980-UB15, ZX Desktop ZX6980-UR14, ZX Desktop ZX6980-UR308, ZX Desktop ZX6980-UR328; HP/Compaq: 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1101TX, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1103TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1103TX, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1107TX, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1108TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1108TX, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1109TX, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1112LA, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1113TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1113TX, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1116TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1116TX, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1118TX, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1119TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1121TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1123TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1126TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1127TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1131TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1133TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1135TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1136TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1137TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1310LA, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1312LA, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1318TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1324TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1401LA, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1401TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1401TX, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1402TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1405TX, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1409TX, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1416LA, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1419TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1422LA, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1423TU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1444LA, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-14xxx, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1b02AU, 1000 Series Notebook 1000-1b04AU, 110 Desktop 110-406, 110 Desktop 110-417c, 110 Desktop 110-429, 110 Desktop 110-431d, 200 Series Notebook 240 G1, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2a23NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2b10CA, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2b20CA, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2b20NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2b30DX, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2b49DX, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2b53CA, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2c23dx, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2c29WM, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d00ER, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d02EJ, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d03SI, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d03TU, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d04EIA, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d05SIA, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d05TU, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d07CA, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d08SX, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d09CA, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d09WM, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d10NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d10TU, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d11DX, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d13CA, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d16TU, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d19WM, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d20CA, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d20NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d22DX, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d24DX, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d28CA, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d29DX, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d29WM, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d39WM, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d41TU, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d47TU, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d49WM, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d50TU, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d51SR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d52SR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d53TU, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d54SR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d61NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d62NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d63NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d64NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d65NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d68NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d69NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d70DX, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d70NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d72NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d79NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d80NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d89NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-2d99NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-412NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-420CA, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-425NR, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-427CL, 2000 Series Notebook 2000-428DX, 2000 Series Notebook 2000t-2d00, 242 Notebook, 245 G4 Notebook, 245 Notebook, 250 G1 Notebook, 255 G2 Notebook, 255 Notebook, 450 Notebook, 455 Notebook, 650 Notebook, 655 Notebook, All-in-One 1155, All-in-One 18-4000la, All-in-One 18-4004la, All-in-One 18-4021la, All-in-One 18-4103la, All-in-One 18-4205la, All-in-One 18-4221la, All-in-One 18-4415la, All-in-One 18-5001la, All-in-One 18-5009, All-in-One 18-5010, All-in-One 18-5021, All-in-One 18-5028x, All-in-One 18-5035d, All-in-One 18-5110, All-in-One 19-2001la, All-in-One 19-2005la, All-in-One 19-2009, All-in-One 19-2011, All-in-One 19-2014, All-in-One 19-2029w, All-in-One 19-2113w, All-in-One 19-2201la, All-in-One 19-2206la, All-in-One 19-2207la, All-in-One 19-2230la, All-in-One 19-2304, All-in-One 19-2316la, All-in-One 20-2000a, All-in-One 20-2138d, All-in-One 20-213xxx, All-in-One 20-2304a, All-in-One 20-r015la, All-in-One 20-r035la, All-in-One 20-r124la, All-in-One 20-r153la, All-in-One 205 G1, All-in-One 205 G2, All-in-One 21-2005la, All-in-One 22-2002a, All-in-One 22-2011d, All-in-One 22-2031d, All-in-One 23-r012l, All-in-One 23-r159la, All-in-One Pro 4300, All-in-One Pro 6300, All-in-One Sprout, CQ Notebook CQ45-802TU, CQ Notebook CQ45-803LA, CQ Notebook CQ45-810LA, CQ Notebook CQ45-910LA, CQ Notebook CQ45-D00LA, CQ Notebook CQ45-D01LA, CQ Notebook CQ45-D12LA, CQ Notebook CQ45-M01TU, Elite Desktop 8300 All-in-One, Elite Desktop 8300 Ultra-slim, 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Notebook 15-3006tx, ENVY Notebook 15-3021tx, ENVY Notebook 15-3033cl, ENVY Notebook 15-3047nr, ENVY Notebook 15-3090la, ENVY Notebook 15-3217nr, ENVY Notebook 15-3247nr, ENVY Notebook 15-j011dx, ENVY Notebook 15-j030us, ENVY Notebook 15-j031nr, ENVY Notebook 15-j058ca, ENVY Notebook 17-3070nr, ENVY Notebook 17-3077nr, ENVY Notebook 17-3090nr, ENVY Notebook 17-3095ca, ENVY Notebook 17-3270nr, ENVY Notebook 17-3277nr, ENVY Notebook 17-3290nr, ENVY Notebook 17-j001tx, ENVY Notebook 17-j010ep, ENVY Notebook 17-j010us, ENVY Notebook 17-j011nr, ENVY Notebook 17-j013cl, ENVY Notebook 17-j027cl, ENVY Notebook 17-j034ca, ENVY Notebook dv4-5201tu, ENVY Notebook dv4-5201tx, ENVY Notebook dv4-5202tx, ENVY Notebook dv4-5203tx, ENVY Notebook dv4-5204tx, ENVY Notebook dv4-5205tx, ENVY Notebook dv4-5206tx, ENVY Notebook dv4-5208tx, ENVY Notebook dv4-5209tx, ENVY Notebook dv4-5211nr, ENVY Notebook dv4-5211tx, ENVY Notebook dv4-5213cl, ENVY Notebook dv4-5213tx, ENVY Notebook dv4-5214tx, ENVY Notebook 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Sleekbook 4-1106tu, ENVY Sleekbook 4-1107tu, ENVY Sleekbook 4-1110us, ENVY Sleekbook 4-1115dx, ENVY Sleekbook 4-1117nr, ENVY Sleekbook 4-1195ca, ENVY Sleekbook 4t-1000 (CTO), ENVY Sleekbook 6-1006tx, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1010us, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1014nr, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1015nr, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1017cl, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1019nr, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1040ca, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1047cl, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1048ca, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1050ex, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1050sx, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1080ex, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1080sx, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1083ca, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1101es, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1110us, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1150ex, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1150sx, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1155ex, ENVY Sleekbook 6-1155sx, ENVY TouchSmart Notebook 15-j040us, ENVY TouchSmart Notebook 15-j057cl, ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4t-1100, ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook 4t-1200, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1015dx, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1017nr, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1019wm, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1030ca, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1030us, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1035tx, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1038nr, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1043cl, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1050ca, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1101tx, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1111tx, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1121tu, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1127tu, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1130us, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1150la, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1155la, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1204tx, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1215dx, ENVY Ultrabook 4-1247tu, ENVY Ultrabook 6-1070el, ENVY Ultrabook 6-1100sl, ENVY Ultrabook 6-1106ed, ENVY Ultrabook 6t-1200, HP Desktop 251-a146d, HP Desktop 251-a150d, Omni 120-1008d, Omni 120-1010a, Omni 120-1018d, Omni 120-1024la, Omni 120-1102es, Omni 120-1103el, Omni 120-1192la, Omni 120-1209l, Omni 120-1210ef, Omni 220-1120a, Omni 220-1135a, Omni 27-1010la, Omni 27-1025la, Omni 27-1054, Omni 27-1055, Omni 27-1057c, Omni 27-1058, Omni 27-1100ex, Omni 27-1101ex, Omni 27-1210xt, Pavilion 17-e127sf, Pavilion 20-b001la, Pavilion 20-b002la, Pavilion 20-b011, Pavilion 20-b021a, Pavilion 20-b116l, Pavilion 20-b120a, Pavilion 20-b152la, Pavilion 20-b210z, Pavilion 20-b220t, Pavilion 20-b247la, Pavilion 20-b248la, Pavilion 20-b250la, Pavilion 20-b252la, Pavilion 20-b309, Pavilion 20-b311, Pavilion 20-b
Other features
Chips organisation x8
Number of pins 204
System requirements
Mac operating systems supported Y