Hard Disk Drive 500GB HDD


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Use a hard disk (160GB or larger) to buffer print jobs, collate large jobs or to store forms, fonts or macros.

These key functions are enabled when an optional hard disk is installed:Job Building, Printer lockout, storage used by Application Solutions such as FormsMerge Job Buffering (print spooling), email spooling, font and macro storage, User-based billing, Job Park (through a power-off and power-on cycle), hard disk-related administration (Disk wiping, Disk encryption, Disk diagnostics).

The 'Disk Encryption' function provides a randomly generated encryption key used to encrypt all data stored on the hard disk. This key generated by each printer is unique to that specific printer.

With 'Printing Lockout', a disk may also be locked with a user PIN. This prevents any submitted jobs from printing. All held jobs are stored on the hard disk until it is unlocked. 'Disk Encryption' should be used with this setting.


Product id 864289
Brand Lexmark
Partnr 27X0200
EAN/UPC code 734646397131
Warranty (months) 12 months
HDD capacity 320 GB
Type HDD
Component for Printer/MFU
Country of origin China
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Packaging data
Package width 152 mm
Package depth 216 mm
Package weight 230 g
Package height 38 mm