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Forget subscription-based GPS trackers. This is Loca: the high-quality, compact and waterproof GPS tracker with a €0.00 subscription. You buy it and it works for free for 3 years!

How does it work? Simple: activate your Loca in just 2 minutes using the app and then glue, screw or install it on your valuable asset. Only then will you experience how safe it feels to know exactly where your boat, caravan or classic car is. You will also be able to pinpoint its location in the event of theft. Loca covers the whole of the EU + 70 countries. Battery life: 36 months.

Loca is a product of Nedsoft: a Dutch specialist with GPS experience since 2003. And it shows. The GPS tracker is made from robust materials combined with a tasteful design. The free Loca app is intuitive and smart. You will receive 1 notification per day of your valuable asset's location. And if you want more than one notification per day, then that is easy to set up to 1x every 10 minutes. Useful, don’t you agree?

From caravans to motor homes and from boats to sailing yachts: Loca can be used for all your valuable possessions of sentimental value. This could be your unique classic car, your boat, or your lovingly polished motorbike. Until now, it was customary to take out an expensive subscription for a device. With Loca, these recurring costs are a thing of the past. You pay once-only, and it works for 3 years.

Loca will send 1 location update per day for 3 years*. If you change the settings, it will affect battery life. Loca is for single use only, and is 95% recyclable.

*Loca's battery is not rechargeable, but can be replaced by Loca's support department. With this you extend the user life of Loca, you enjoy a new battery for 3 years, you receive new data, you gain access to the app, web portal and you are entitled to support again.


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