Projectiescherm Compact Electrol 160x160 cm. Matwit S Standaardformaat 1:1


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- Easy to mount onto a wall or ceiling thanks to the Easy Install system.
- The possibilities offered by Easy Install Plug and Play make connecting the screen fast and easy. The many Easy Install accessories are convenient and fast to use.
- The case and the projection screen surface can be made to exactly the right size and the case and slat bar are available in any colour for optimal integration into any interior.
- The automatic stop employed when extending and retracting the projection screen surface guarantees a long life span.

- Shorten or reduce the width of the projection screen surface.
- Shorten the case and shorten or reduce the width of the projection screen surface.
- Paint the case, slat bar and plastic components in a different RAL colour. When the screen needs to match a specific colour scheme, we can paint the case in any colour specified.
- Reverse installation of the surface so that the projection side is located to the rear. Specify this method when the projection screen surface needs to exit the case reversely because the normal screen path is obstructed by an obstacle or because the case is to be mounted to a beam. Note that there are two reverse installation options. The projection screen fabric can either be configured to exit the case at the front or the mounting brackets can be mounted in reverse. Indicate clearly what your requirement is so that Projecta can produce the screen required.
- Extension of the projection screen surface. If required and technically feasible, Projecta installs a longer projection surface in the case.
- Projection surface without black borders.
- Extension of the projection screen surface with additional black drop. When the projection screen surface needs to be extended and a larger black border is required at the top or bottom, we adapt the surface to your specifications.
- Motor positioned on the right rather than on the left. When the motor and connection box need to be positioned on the right to make connection easier, we adapt the screen to suit.
- The Projecta Screen Designer assists designing the projection screen that exactly meets the needs of the installation. Use this application to generate a PDF file with the specifications of the customised screen. E-mail or fax the drawing to Projecta to request a quotation. www. projectascreens. com/screendesigner


Product id 163121
Brand Projecta
Partnr 10100070
EAN/UPC code 000101000701
Native aspect ratio 1:1
Viewable screen height (H) 1510 mm
Viewable screen width (W) 1510 mm
Overall screen size (Height x Width) 160 x 160 cm
Projection screen rolling time (up/down) 27 s
Screen surface Matte White
Weight & dimensions
Weight 10000 g
Case L1 1714 mm
Case L2 1534 mm
Case L3 1620 mm
Technical details
Format Square