Projectiescherm Compact RF Electrol 213x280 cm. Matwhite S


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The electrical projection screens from Projecta are ideal when heavy demands are placed on the projection screen. The projection screens are equipped with an excellent quality projection screen fabric and a roll mechanism that guarantees a perfectly flat-hanging screen fabric under any circumstances. The integrated quiet and strong motors are supplied standard with a five year guarantee.

Electrically operated projection screen with built-in radio frequency remote control available in all common sizes, aspect ratios and screen fabrics. Plug & play: no extra installation and installation costs necessary.

- Motor with 5-year guarantee and CE quality mark.
- Easy mounting on wall, ceiling and/or in soffit via integrated hanging brackets.
- All electrical projection screens satisfy the following product safety standards: IEC 60335-1; 60335-2; DIN19045-5 and IEC 61000 for Electro Magnetic Compatibility.
- The radio frequency remote control complies with the international standards (NEN 1010 and EN 60335-2) for radio transmitter equipment.
- Black border increases perceived clarity of projected image.
- Somfy motor with 17 RPM (rotations per minute) and 90 Watts.
- Supplied complete with 3-metre connection cable.
- Matte White S: double-sided laminated vinyl on a woven fiberglass support with black backing; gain 1.0, viewing angle 50º L/R, weight approx. 425 gr/m² and thickness approx. 0.34 mm.
- Datalux S: double-sided laminated vinyl on a woven fiberglass support with black backing; increased gain 1.5, viewing angle 35º L/R, weight approx. 425 gr/m² and thickness approx. 0.35 mm.
- Square format (1:1) has a black border of 2.5 cm on left/right side.
- High Contrast S: double-sided coated grey vinyl on a woven fiberglass support with black backing; gain 1, 0, viewing angle 45º L/R, weight approx. 540 gr/m² and thickness approx. 0.36 mm.
- Video (4:3) and HDTV (16:9) formats have a wide black border all around of 5 cm.
- Projection screen fabric(s) satisfies the requirements for fire safety for building materials and building components.
- Formats square (1:1), video (4:3) and HDTV (16:9).
- Screen fabric types Matte White S, High Contrast S and Datalux S.
- Projecta products satisfy the strictest quality and safety requirements in Europe and are CE approved. Projecta ensures that the quality of its products are monitored by the TÜV/GS programme.


Product id 176591
Brand Projecta
Partnr 10101087
EAN/UPC code 000101010878
Diagonal 140 "
Native aspect ratio 4:3
Viewable screen height (H) 2030 mm
Viewable screen width (W) 2700 mm
Diagonal (metric) 355 cm
Overall screen size (Height x Width) 213 x 280 cm
Projection screen rolling time (up/down) 36 s
Weight & dimensions
Weight 22000 g
Case L1 2934 mm
Case L2 2754 mm
Case L3 2840 mm
Technical details
Format Video